Where is NHR funding held for payment?

National Health Reform funding is held for payment in either the National Health Funding Pool or the state managed fund of the state or territory.

National Health Funding Pool

The National Health Funding Pool (the funding pool) is the collective term for the state pool accounts of all states and territories. State pool accounts are established under state and territory legislation for the purpose of:

  • Receiving all Commonwealth NHR funding
  • Receiving activity based state and territory public hospital funding
  • Making payments under the National Health Reform Agreement.

State Managed Fund

A state managed fund is a separate bank account or fund established by a state or territory for the purposes of health funding under the Agreement which must be undertaken in the state or territory through a state managed fund.

A state managed fund is used for the purposes of:

  • Receiving Commonwealth block funding via the National Health Funding Pool
  • Receiving state or territory block funding directly from the state or territory
  • Making payments of block funding by the state or territory to their local hospital networks.